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Estate Lawyer in Calgary

Need an estate lawyer?  Bill Ranson Q.C. has over 30 years of experience.

Estate lawyers deal with all matters arising from wills and estates law.  These can include such things as wills, living wills, powers of attorney, springing powers of attorney, enduring powers of attorney, guardianship and trusteeship matters, dependent adult matters, applications for probate, tax planning and even funeral arrangements.

As a veteran Calgary estate lawyer Mr. Ranson, Q.C. has a broad range of knowledge over a large number of areas.  Here are some of the different laws and regulations that Mr. Ranson, Q.C. deals with on a day to day basis.

Calgary Estates Lawyer

Alberta Estate Laws

Alberta estate lawyers need to be well versed in many different areas of law.  Not all estate law matters fit in nice little boxes.  Life is complicated.  Alberta has some of the most advanced estate laws in the world.  Bill Ranson, Q.C. has had influence over the creation of those laws through his membership in the Alberta Law Reform Legislative Review Committee – a position he has held for over 25 years.

Here is a listing of some of the laws that are involved in the day to day affairs of Alberta estate lawyers.  Talk to a lawyer!

Wills and Succession ActThis major piece of legislation (over 125 sections, more than 40 pages if printed) sets out many of the laws regarding:

  • Wills – including the making, altering, revocation and interpretation of wills in Alberta,
  • Survivorship Rules,
  • Distribution of Intestate Estates,
  • Designation of Beneficiaries,
  • Family Maintenance and Support,
  • General Rules
  • Consequential Amendments

Surrogate Rules and FormsThese very detailed rules (117 sections, 3 Schedules plus some 40 pages of forms) contain many of the laws and estate forms that come into play once someone has died.  Part 1 deals with what they call Non Contentious matters and Part 2 deals with what they call Contentious matters.  Here is a summary of some of the table of contents of the Surrogate Rules to provide an idea of the topics covered:

  • Part 1 — Non‑contentious Matters
    Division 1 — Application for Grant
    Division 2 — Administration of the Estates of Minors
    Division 3 — Making, Altering or Revoking of a Will by a Minor
  • Part 2 — Contentious Matters
    Division 1 — General
    Division 1.1 — Applications under Various Acts
    Division 2 — Proceedings on Caveats
    Division 3 — Formal Proof of a Will
    Division 4 — Proof of Death
    Division 5 — Claims on an Estate

Adult Guardianship and Trusteeship ActThis is the legislation that governs what they used to call “Dependent Adults”  These are adult people who, broadly speaking, require either Guardianship or Trusteeship assistance in their lives, or both.  

Power of Attorney ActThis is the legislation that governs the making of powers of attorney.  Estate lawyers do a lot of these.

Personal Directives ActThis is the legislation that governs the making of personal directives.  Estate lawyers do a lot of these.

Public Trustee ActIf a person needs a “trustee” it is often a relative or close friend who gets appointed.  Sometimes however there is no suitable or available relative or friend and so, in Alberta, there has been created the “Office of the Public Trustee” which performs various functions, including being involved as trustee in many cases for infant children.  Estate lawyers are frequently involved with the Public Trustee’s Office.

Alberta Rules of CourtThese are the general Rules of Court that apply to all matters in Alberta.  They are huge.

Senior Calgary Estate Lawyer

As an estate lawyer for over 30 years Bill Ranson, Q.C. has more than a passing knowledge of all Alberta estate laws. As a member of the Alberta Law Reform Legislative Review Committee for over 25 years, Mr. Ranson has actually had a hand in actually writing much of the body of law that is Alberta’s estate law.

Bill Ranson, Q.C. is frequently contacted by other Alberta estate lawyers seeking advice and direction.  He is senior counsel.  Whatever your Calgary estate lawyer needs – Bill Ranson, Q.C. can help you.

Calgary Estates Lawyers

Bill Ranson Q.C. – Over 30 years of experience as a Calgary estate and probate lawyer.

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